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Shotgun Chaps

Price: $275.00
  • Item #: shotgun
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Shotgun Chaps. Our basic shotgun chaps are made of chap split with plain leather bibs and latigo belts. We use solid brass zippers and good quality materials and offer loads of options.


For a proper fit, we require specific measurements and will need all of the measurements below when ordering.  You can also call us to order any chinks or chaps at (702) 293-3397.


  1. Outseam (from waist to the floor.
  2. Inseam (from crotch to bottom of jeans)
  3. Waist (over jeans)
  4. Upper Thigh (at crotch)
  5. Mid Thigh 
  6. 2" Above Knee
  7. Calf

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