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Belt Pouch, large BP103

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  • Item #: BP103
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This handy belt pouches is great for anything you want to carry. It is made to fit up to a 3" belt and has a soft gusset to accommodate your stash easily. This large pouch measures 5"x 5" and has expandable 2" gusset.

Optional: For an additional $25, a shoulder length purse strap can be added to any of our large belt pouches. This handy strap is fully adjustable to wear over one shoulder or across so no one can snatch it. If you want to wear the pouch on your belt, just unsnap the purse strap and slide on your belt. To order a purse strap for any of our pouches, check the "Add Option(s)" check box and select "Purse Strap" from the drop-down menu.

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