All of our holsters are hand made in our shop to order by John Costanza. If there is an option, border stamps or floral that you would like that you do not see, please call (702)907-6950.

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Our holsters are available in four colors (in order from left to right: Natural, Brown, Chestnut and Black.


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Montello H178

the montello

The Montello is a great looking double loop with a triple bead border stamp and a half skirt.  It is offered lined in our top grain leather with a sewn toe plug.  It will fit your Colt SAA or Colt clones.

  • Price: $174.95

Comstock Shoulder Rig H147

Comstock Shoulder Rig H147

Our popular Gambler style shoulder holster rides lower than typical versions. It is lined in top grain leather and has very nice finish work on all the straps. It is available 5 ways to fit your Colt SAA or clone.

  • Price: $269.95

Aurora Holster H114

Aurora Holster

Single loop holster for Colt SAA and clones, lined with top grain leather, not cheaper suede! We also offer this holster with optional nickle or brass spots on the loop. (see photo when you click options button.)

  • Price: $149.95

Beaty Holster H124

Beaty Holster

This old West style Beaty double loop holster fits Colt SAA and clones.  It is lined with top grain leather, not cheaper suede and border stamped.

  • Price: $169.95

Bodie Holster H115

Bodie Holster

This good looking single loop holster is stamped with our #10 border stamped and lined with top grain leather that won't wear the finish off your revolver! Fits Colt SAA, Colt clones and new and old Vaquero.

  • Price: $169.95

Business Holster H155

Business Holster

This holster is all business and no fluff. Lined with top grain leather plain or stamped, it has a screw-on loop for cartridge belt or slot on buscadero cartridge belts. .

  • Price: $139.95

California Holster H112

California Holster

A California Slim Jim style holster with full geometric stamp that will fit any Colt SAA or clone, 51 Navy, 60 Army or 58 Remington. It is offered unlined or with an option for our top grain 3-4oz. lining.

  • Price: $159.95

Californio Holster H133

Californio Holster

A California Slim Jim style holster with the #7 border stamp which we offer unlined or with the option for our top grain leather lining. It has a stitched toe plug.

  • Price: $129.95

Cheyenne Holster H103

Cheyenne Holster

This F.A. Meanea style holster, which is an exact replica of the one you see on the cover of "Packin' Iron" is our favorite!

  • Price: $249.95

Cody Holster H146

Cody Holster

A Cheyenne style holster for Colts and Colt clones, lined with top grain leather with #23 border stamp and sewn toe plug. Beautiful authentic styling.

  • Price: $174.95

Col. Walker Holster H153

Col. Walker Holster

The Colonol Walker holster is designed for the 1847 Colt Walker only.  We offer it unlined or lined with our top grain leather.

  • Price: $144.95

Coleville Holster H143

Coleville Holster

An Old West style, single loop holster with border stamp and flower that fits Colt SSA, and Colt clones, lined with top grain leather. Good for Cowboy Action Shooters!

  • Price: $154.95

Conceal Carry Holster H158

Conceal Carry Holster

This compact little conceal carry holster fits a Colt single action or a Smith and Wesson K frame with any barrel length. Choose from plain, border stamped, basket stamped or floral carved.

  • Price: $94.95

Conceal Carry Short Holster H158SH

Conceal Carry Short Holster

This compact little conceal carry holster fits Colt SAA or Colt clones or Smith and Wesson K Frame . Available as shown with triple bead border stamp or choose from our options. Lined with top grain leather.

  • Price: $89.95

Confederate Colt Navy Holster H111

Confederate Holster

This classic 1851 Confederate style holster, fits 1851 Colt Navy or 1860 Army and similar frames types.  This holster has authentic styling and is unlined.

  • Price: $134.95

Dayton Holster H144

Dayton Holster

This is a great Cowboy Action holster! It will fit Colt SAA, Colt clones, New and Old Vaquero and is a lot of holster for the price.  Lined with top grain leather.

  • Price: $149.95

Delamar Holster H102

Delamar Holster

This single loop, riveted holster fits Colt SAA and Colt clones. It is a nice plain holster with great lines and is offered unlined or lined with top grain leather.



  • Price: $99.95

Dragoon Holster H145

Dragoon Holster

Our Dragoon holster fits 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Model Dragoon. You can have this holster plain or with a border stamp of your choice, lined or unlined.

  • Price: $124.95

El Paso Holster H132

El Paso Holster

A West Texas style holster with half skirt to fit your Colt SAA or Colt clone.  We offer this holster with our without our top grain leather lining.

  • Price: $99.95

Elko Holster H151

Elko Holster

Another nice Cheyenne style holster with a wagon wheel pattern and border stamp. This fits Colt Single Actions and Colt Clones, New and Old Vaquero. It is lined with top grain leather and has a sewn toe plug.

  • Price: $174.95

Ely Holster H125

Ely Holster

The Ely is a beautiful holster that is stamped with a small basket stamp and bordered with an intricate 3 part border stamp. This great little holster is lined and fits up to a 3" belt and your Colt SAA or clone, New Vaquero or Old Vaquero.

  • Price: $174.95

F.A. Meanea Tribute Holster HFAM2

F.A. Meanea Tribute Holster

This is a fine replica of a popular F.A. Meanea Cheyenne holster. It includes a sewn toe plug, lined with top grain leather and is stamped F.A. Meanea.

  • Price: $169.95

High Sierra Holster H138

High Sierra Holster

This California style holster has a one-piece fold-over belt loop. Lined and carved with Nevada rose it will fit your Colt SAA or Colt clones, New and Old Vaquero,Colt 1851 Army or Colt 1860 Navy.

  • Price: $194.95

Gillette Holster H137

Kaycee Holster

This is a very pretty and authentic 1870s Cheyenne style, lined, double loop holster with border stamp. Made to fit Colt SAA and Colt clones, the new and Old Vaquero.

  • Price: $174.95
25 - 48 of 81 items

 Our premium quality old West gun leather will give you years of service and enjoyment!